POS material production

POS-materials (POS materials, POS — point of sales) are the materials contributing to promotion of a brand or goods at the points of sales (shelf-talkers, price holders, wobblers, price tags, stoppers, promoter stands, dispensers, plastic trays, bannerettes, packing materials, adhesive labels, decoration magnets, beer coasters, cups, glasses, posters, plastic files, briefcases, labels, calendars, postcards, notepads, rulers, trinkets, bookmarks and other souvenirs distributed at the points of sales). The POS-materials  serve for attraction of extra attention and efficient promotion of the goods. The POS-materials are an example of the BTL-advertisement.

The clients, when studying the POS-materials, extract information about advantages of the products. So due to informativity and ability to attract attention to a product, the POS-materials stimulate sales. Having skillfully planned an advertising campaign, one can successfully promote the products at the points of sales even with a modest budget.