• POS Materials

    POS materials are the materials
    contributing to promotion
    of a brand or goods
    at the points of sales

  • Tool-making Facilities

    The tool-making facilities are specialized in production of Hi-Tech tooling: molds and dies for mass production.

  • Services

    KIT NPF offers a wide range of services connected with machining of rolled sheets and bars. Currently our production has facilities and technical capabilities to make parts and blanks by machining or laser cutting from a wide spectrum of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys.


 Company "KIT" is engaged in production and sale of P.O.S. materials, manufacture of advertising and retail equipment. You can make your order using any method that is convenient for you to order a product or service. You can phone by contact number or write on our e-mail address, and we will contact you for project details coordination.