Displays, stands

The display is an advertisement structure for presentation of a product, its demonstration or sales. It is used to attract attention of potential consumers to products in sales areas, exhibition and presentation halls, at messing points (bars, restaurants, cafes) and recreation facilities (hotels, disco clubs, sports clubs, etc.). The display reflects the company symbols, has a functional specificity as to the demonstration and exposition of products. This type of the POS materials makes it possible to establish visual communication between the manufacturer and consumer, stimulates brand memorability and increases mark recognizability, prompts the consumer to take decision on buying directly at the points of sales.


Premium display is an advertisement structure in which expensive materials are used e.g. transparent (color) acryl, with lightboxes, lighting of shelves – side frames, utilization of TV-audio equipment, moving structure elements (around axis), etc.

Trade stand is as a rule an advertisement structure of shelf type, on which the products for sales are located. The trade stands more often serve for a long-term use, and provided in this case are the replacement of the advertisement information-carrying media, change of height and number of shelves and other storage types. They are furnished with advertisement panels, shelf-talkers and other types of the POS materials. This is one of the most efficient types of the POS materials.