Pallet Exposition, Pallet Displays

In the retail network the products are often located just in the condition they came to a shop – on pallets. But location on simple pallets looks unsightly and does not make the goods attractive. In this case an arrangement is used which is called the pallet exposition. The main component here is a topper which may be either of rectangular or figurate shape. Various superstructures are used which increase trading stock, give a certain arrangement to the exposition; information zones are included which describe the products. These displays are designed mainly to promote the goods during the advertising actions, and for the season type goods. The overall dimensions of the displays match the dimensions of the euro-pallet. Due to this a large trading stock is made. The structures may be either simple in which colorful arrangement of boards is used, or complex where, next to the colorful arrangement, a multi-storey carrying frame, plastic molded shelves, multimedia panels are used.

Various materials are used for manufacture of the pallets:

·         For arrangement of the boards: carton, plastic;

·         Carrying frame: carton, plastic, metal;

·         Shelves, podiums: carton, plastic, wood, metal.