Solution Centers

Solution Center is the best tool to orient the consumer at the point of sales. Depending on specificity, possibilities and size of the shop the set included in the navigation may range from small plastic stoppers to innovation multimedia displays. The standard Solution Center includes:

- LED lighting of product; - stopper to divide the whole exposition into zones (categories);

- shelf-talkers serve as indicator for trademarks;

- lightboxes to emphasize premiality.

The Solution Center, with other words, the comprehensive arrangement of the trading space is a key link in the chain of the client loyalty formation and increase of the volume of sales. The successful and efficient communications with the buyers much depend on the point of sales interior design and its implementation. According to the independent investigations, the original, recognizable and simply fine trading space contributes to the growth of the buyers’ activity. It is hard to deny that it is much more pleasant to make purchases in an externally fine and convenient shop but it should be fine not only in appearance but also efficient from the viewpoint of sales stimulation.