Shelf Communicators

Shelf-talkers are carton, plastic or metal panels attached to the counters, shelves for visual singling-out of an article group. Front panel for price tags may be available. The shelf-talker POS material name originates from the English words "shelf" and "talker" i.e. "talking shelf". The shelf-talker is a full color figurate advertising element designed for visual incorporation and singling-out of one trademark products on a common shelf.

Sticker is a label, adhesive label. It is made from self-adhesive film. The sticker is designed for gluing onto various surfaces, be it wood, metal, glass. It may be used as an information banner, wall and interior, as well as for car visual tuning (vinyl).

Poster is a striking, as a rule large format picture accompanied with a short text, made for propaganda, advertisement, information or training purposes.

Wobbler is any shape advertisement element printed on paper and cut out. It is one of the types of the printed advertisement and a part of the POS materials. As a rule the wobbler has a plastic flexible stem with which it is attached either to the POS terminal or trading stand. Sometimes it is cut out without stem and hung on the article being advertised or sold.