Parasite Displays, Hook-Clips

Parasite Display is a structure which is fixed on another independently standing structure. The products are hung on hooks or fixed by cramps. It is made from steel wire or thin plastic.The stickers on self-adhesive film are usually used for branding. The wire parasite display is an independent article which is located in the sales area at the point where it may be fastened to the other trade equipment. The advertisement-carrying media may be different in size and shape depending on the shape of the product being promoted and the display position. Hook-clip is a subspecies of the parasite display. This equipment is fixed following the same principles as those applied for all the hinged parasite displays. The difference between the hook-clips and other parasite displays is that the hook-clips are more stretched in length. They take more territory vertically. The hook-clip is equipped with hooks on which the products for sale are hung and not laid as it is the case with the parasite displays. This equipment is commonly used in the places with limited space for location of the products.